Residential host home providers are settings that provide care and support for people who need support to live more independently. These homes are a great option for those who need extra assistance in their daily activities but do not require 24-hour medical care. They offer a range of services to meet the individual needs of their residents.

With the right care and support, these homes can be great places to live. Here are some reasons to consider a residential care home for your loved ones.

1) Provides Community for Your Loved Ones

Residential host homes provide a sense of community for clients. They offer social activities and group outings that help them stay connected and engaged with their peers.

Additionally, care homes provide a safe and secure environment, with staff on-site 24/7 to monitor and provide assistance if needed. This gives clients the opportunity to feel supported and involved in a community-like setting, making them feel more at home.

2) Allows Your Loved Ones to Receive One on One Attention

Residential host homes offer your loved ones an advantage that many other care facilities do not: such as, one on one attention. In a residential care home, there are typically fewer residents, meaning that each resident receives more individualized attention from the staff.

This allows staff to monitor the health and well-being of each resident more closely, as well as to provide special care and assistance to ensure the safety and comfort of each individual.

Additionally, caregivers are able to form closer relationships with the residents, which can be beneficial for both parties.

3. Provides Pre-Vocational Services

Many residential care homes offer pre-vocational services, which are designed to help clients develop the skills and confidence they need to pursue employment opportunities. These services may include job coaching, vocational training, and assistance with job placement.

Pre-vocational services for special needs clients or adults can be instrumental in helping them gain the skills and confidence they need to pursue employment opportunities and achieve greater independence. By tailoring these services to the unique needs and abilities of each resident, residential care homes can help special needs clients or adults reach their full potential.

4) Cuts Down on Costs

Host Homes are covered under the home community based service waiver and long-term care Medicaid. These homes typically provide meals, housekeeping, and personal care services at a lower cost than other forms of in-home care.

5) Provides Daily and Weekly Respite Care

Residential care homes provide daily and weekly respite care, which is a great way for you to take a break from the responsibility of caring for your loved one. It offers a short-term stay for your loved one in a safe and secure environment, with professional staff on hand to provide care and support.

This respite care can give you the opportunity to rest and recharge, while your loved one is given the chance to socialize and participate in activities. It also gives your loved one the opportunity to experience a different environment and take a break from their everyday routine.


Residential care homes are an excellent choice for providing care for a client or someone with a disability. They offer a safe and secure environment, with professional staff on hand to provide care and support.

If you are considering residential care for your loved one, you can trust Extended Care. We are a Colorado host home provider that will give special care for your loved ones. Get in touch with us today to get started.