Individuals with disabilities face many challenges in finding employment, ranging from physical barriers to workplace discrimination. However, with the right approach, finding suitable employment can be possible. This article will provide tips for finding jobs for adults with disabilities. 

Utilize Disability Services

Disability services can be an excellent resource for adults looking for employment. These services can provide job training, job placement, and other support to help individuals with disabilities find and maintain employment. These services are typically available through state and local government agencies, non-profit organizations, and community-based organizations.

It is essential to research and connect with disability services in your area to get the support you need. Some of the services they offer include:

  1. Vocational Rehabilitation Services: It is the primary public program that aims to support adults with disabilities in preparing for and finding employment.
  1. Disability Employment Services: These services help adults find the right job that suit their skills and abilities. They can also provide job coaching and other support to help individuals maintain employment.
  1. Independent Living Centers: These centers provide various services to help individuals with disabilities live independently in the community. They can also provide job training and placement services.


Networking is crucial for finding a job. It assists you in establishing connections with prospective employers, discovering employment opportunities, and receiving recommendations for job vacancies. Here are a few networking suggestions:

  1. Attend Job Fairs and Career Events: These are excellent opportunities to meet potential employers and learn about job opportunities. Always bring copies of your resume and prepare yourself to highlight your skills and abilities.
  1. Join Disability Advocacy Groups: These groups can help you connect with other individuals with disabilities and learn about job opportunities. They may also have job boards or other resources to help you find employment.
  1. Connect with Disability-Friendly Employers: Some employers are more disability-friendly than others. Research companies with a good track record of hiring individuals with disabilities and reach out to them directly.

Online Job Boards

Online job boards are an excellent tool for adults with disabilities who are seeking job opportunities. To use them effectively, try these tips:

  1. Use Disability-Specific Job Boards: Some job boards specialize in job opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Check these out to find employment opportunities that match your skills and abilities.
  1. Use Keywords: Use keywords that reflect your skills and abilities when searching for job opportunities. This will help you find job openings that match your qualifications.
  1. Create a Profile: Make job profiles to make it easier for employers to find you. Be sure to highlight your skills and abilities, as well as any accommodations you may need to perform your job duties.


Accommodations are changes or adjustments made to the workplace or job duties to enable individuals with disabilities to perform their job duties. These can include things like flexible work hours, assistive technology, or physical modifications to the workplace.

It is essential to discuss any accommodations you may need with your employer during the hiring process. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations to individuals with disabilities. However, it is up to the individual to request these accommodations.


Finding employment can be challenging for individuals with disabilities, but it is not impossible. Utilizing disability services, networking, using online job boards, and requesting accommodations are all essential parts of finding suitable employment. By taking advantage of these resources, individuals with disabilities can find fulfilling and rewarding careers.

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